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Urban mobile charging service demonstrations

This project is supported by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union. EIT Urban Mobility acts to accelerate positive change on mobility to make urban spaces more liveable. Learn more:
EIT Urban Mobility's endorsement underlines its drive to enhance urban life through improved mobility. With their backing, Nimbee is set to revolutionize urban sustainability and efficiency.

Demonstration #1

Everything started in Zilina a year ago

Our mobile EV charging service was successfully tested during a pilot in Žilina, Slovakia, in collaboration with the University of Žilina in 2022. Over 2.5 months, we recorded about 200 charging sessions, with a 70% utilization rate within service hours. The service was compatible with 95% of EVs, and our customers raved about the experience.

  • Charging feasibility

    In Žilina, we demonstrated that our service is feasible. As a result, we determined that both the hardware and software components of our solution are market-ready.

  • Client feedback

    Customers valued the comfort and convenience offered. They enjoyed using the service, describing it as hassle-free, easy to order, and time-saving

  • Outcomes

    'Energy comes to me' captures the main benefit of the mobile EV charging service. Clients would love to keep using the service on a regular basis.


Demonstration #2

Car sharing in Riga gets an unprecedented kick

Sustainable mobility made simple and fun with the OX Drive and Nimbee joining forces! Nimbee has unlocked its potential to unprecedented levels and gets to service our first fleet customer.

  • Full-stack charging as-a-service

    Nimbee provides a charging service for a selected fleet customer to demonstrate the B2B use case and use of newly developed technologies.

  • Transformative customer experience for fleets

    Fleets no longer have to plan their operations around charging because Nimbee keeps their fleet optimally charged at all times.

  • Fleet customers set the rules

    Fleet owners decide how they want to use the service, from minimum vehicle charge to expected vehicle uptime.

Demonstration #3

Charging robot in the garage of the future

In our Braunschweig pilot, we introduce 'Next Level Automation Functions'. In collaboration with Technische Universität Braunschweig's NFF, we demonstrate our upgraded chargers-equipped with sensors for collision avoidance and assisted autonomy.

  • Automation and collision avoidance features

    Nimbee battery units equipped with sensors for collision avoidance and assisted autonomy.

  • Increased safety

    The next generation features of our battery units will substantially lower the risk of property damage and injuries.

  • Optimised utility

    The service is more optimized for municipalities, authorities, and B2B customers.



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